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Drip Irrigation Installation in Bakersfield, CA

a drip irrigation installation in Bakersfield, CAWhat is a drip irrigation system? A drip system, or micro-irrigation system, is a network of water lines that rests at the soil's surface or just a few inches below. The drip lines do just what you'd think they would - they drip water slowly into the soil, allowing trees and shrubs to get water right where they need it most - the roots.

Our Bakersfield sprinkler techs can install a drip system for your home or business, allowing you to forget the days of wasteful water runoff and overwatering. Forget your hose, forget your pop-up sprinkler heads - use a drip system and get healthy, lush plants in your yard. We can also install a timer or smart controller so that your drip system is fully automated. You'll never even have to turn it on!

Benefits of Drip Irrigation Systems

Drip irrigation systems have many benefits, including:

  • one of our techs is installing a drip line that will help to conserve waterConserves water
  • Allows for use of recycled water
  • Highly efficient
  • Cuts down on weed growth
  • Waters at the root (rather than the leaves)
  • Eliminates wasteful water runoff
  • Waters evenly

If you want to conserve water in California while still maintaining a healthy lawn, trees, flower or vegetable garden, then a drip system is an ideal choice. Call us today to discuss your options, potential designs, estimated water savings, and more. Schedule your initial inspection today!